Doux Amour Ltd is an independent retail business located in the beautiful Cotswold town of Stow on the Wold, owned and managed by Jan Draper, selling affordable ladies clothing without compromise on quality, classically stylish without compromising the latest fashion trends.

The dream of one little girl, who grew up with a mother and grandmother who loved to shop for beautiful clothes. When you had a grandmother who in the 1960’s and 70‘s had a hat and coat reserved just for wearing in the back garden to peg out the washing, you had to realise there was something special about choosing an outfit to suit the occasion … whatever the occasion!

With a penchant for clothing made from ‘tactile’ fabrics, this same little girl grew to realise there was something truly special about wearing garments made with velvet, silk, cashmere and lace to name but a few favourites. An early passion for shoes and the memory of persuading my mother, when I was a very grown up 8 years old, to buy me the fabulous blue suede ones rather than the ‘sensible’ brown lace ups my father had instructed. This bore fruit when at the ripe old age of 21, I began a career in retail management for the British Shoe Corporation. Happy days! How many of you reading this recall, (just like Bridget Jones), going along in the 1990’s to “have your Colours done”?  Yes, you guessed it, not only did I go, but I took myself off to London to train as a Colour and Image Consultant.

I’ve widely shared the knowledge and concepts ever since. Did you know there’s such a thing as Colour Vitamins, or that you should never under estimate the power of red knickers?! In 2017, we sadly lost my great aunty Olive at the ripe old age of 96. This ultimate part of my story is down to her legacy. She has made it possible for the little girl, who insisted on the blue suede shoes to realise her dream and be able to share it with you. The dream that is “Doux Amour Ltd”, translates as “Sweet Love”, my maiden name, and of my great aunty Olive. We are a loving tribute and legacy both to her and my beautiful late mother and grandmother.

Welcome and enjoy!

Jan x.