Lockdown 2 Blog - Time to Weed the Wardrobe

With the sad news Coronavirus spread in the UK has not been halted by all of the interventions, we are headed for a further month of lockdown as the country struggles to halt the disease in its tracks. Many of our customers have told us they are going out less and conducting their business activity across the internet with few or no face to face meetings. 

We all now need to have a room (or part of a room) set aside for on-line meetings, possibly with a blank wall as the backdrop. From hours of TV interviews and many on-line meetings, its clear many people assiduously arrange notable or recognisable books, furniture, instruments or ornaments to give a small insight into the home life persona.  However, it is tempting to believe that we don't need to think about our 'dress code' so much as we have the medium of 'the screen' to temper our appearance. Reflecting upon the effort our professional TV anchors expend on their appearance, it's clear our own appearance can not be massaged just because we are not face to face with someone!

So, now may well be the time to have a look at what we wearing for our on-line meetings and take a good hard look at our wardrobes!

Sofa sales are at an all time record and one of our customers stopped taking Christmas delivery orders for their furniture business in September. We are all thinking about our home comforts and clearing out the old. This can easily be extended to our clothes too. Lots of items may not go well together, not be suitable for the on-line meetings or be 'just past it'! Have a think about slimming down the wardrobe, making some space so items are fresh and ready when they are lifted out and develop a clear-out a sense of success from dealing with yet another 'too difficult to do' job.

Once thinned out its time to fill the inevitable gaps with one or two versatile pieces which will go well with many of the remaining items. Choose wisely and you will be literally, head and shoulders, ahead of colleagues on the next on-line meeting!! 

Good weeding...

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