Working from home

Working from home

Working from home

Welcome to the first edition of DAB (Doux Amour Blog!)

Jan’s Musings

The national lockdown goes on and we continue to find things to keep us busy and fill the time.

Here’s our take on 5 Stay at Home Fashion Tasks you can do Now!

1. Working from home means still keeping up appearances but in comfort. Embrace elastane fabrics and elasticated waists, but unless you would normally have meetings in your PJs, don’t even think about Zooming or Skyping work colleagues whilst still wearing them! Even if you don’t have a smart top and or a stretch jacket, why not choose a plain T. Shirt and drape a pretty scarf around your neck or a striking necklace. A plain pair of stretch trousers in a dark colour for the bottom half (just in case you have to stand up and be seen walking across the room.

2. Experiment with Colour – this is your chance to try out colours you wouldn’t normally have the confidence to walk out of the door wearing. Find an item in your wardrobe in a bright colour you loved but have never worn. Team it with a household or from friends you might be face timing. Is the reaction “wow I love that top” or “wow you look great”? If you get the first type of comment, chances are the colour is dominating you. If you get the second, you are rocking that top … wear it with confidence!

3. Is your second name really Imelda? Are you guilty of having Shoes in your wardrobe that have never yet been worn? Why not bring some joy to your day, by wearing them around the house to ‘break them in’ ready for their first big outing? That way you know they will be moulded to your feet and you avoid the pain of blisters!

4. Try out new styling tricks.Do you envy a neighbour who can throw on a scarf and immediately look glamorous or a friend who would simply look good in a paper bag?! This is your time to sort through your muddle of accessories, which works with the look you want to have, which don’t. Decide on what you feel is your best feature and always remember to enhance your assets and play down your liabilities.

5. Mix it up. Pick out a few of your most favourite day to day wardrobe items. Take out a couple of items you haven’t worn in ages because ‘they didn’t go with anything’. Now, take out a couple of the items which still have the price tags on (yes, I know you have them). Get experimenting! You will be surprised how many new exciting outfits, yes OUTFITS, you can create from existing items in your wardrobe.

Good luck & have fun!

           Jan xx



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